Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business

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What is a web hosting service?

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A web hosting service is exactly what is says: It is a host to websites that are to be showcased via the World Wide Web. In order to make one’s website accessible to an Internet user in general, one has to upload it on a server that is connected to the global Internet network. A web hosting service lends such server space to individuals or businesses for a price. One can choose the best web hosting service for small business or a medium scale business or even a large scale business very easily.

Types of web hosting service

types of web hostingThe types of web hosting available are many. The cheapest and the most basic kinds of web hosting can be provided for a simple web page. The files can be uploaded to the server via File Transfer Protocol. This service is often provided free of cost. The sponsors are usually advertisers that use the website for marketing purposes. The price for web hosting usually varies with the kind of website and its size.

For personal websites that do not require much funding, single page hosting is used. However, businesses often require a much more professional approach with features like database support, PHP, java, ASP.NET etc. Security of transmitted and received data is also a priority for such websites. Secure Sockets Layer is used for such purposes.

Specialized hosts are also available who provide specialized hosting services like for blog, e-commerce websites etc.

In a nutshell, web hosting can be of the following types:

  • Free web hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • Re-seller web hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated server
  • Dedicated Hosting Service
  • Managed Hosting service
  • Cloud Hosting

What is the Best Web Hosting service?

best web hostingDifferent web hosting sites offer different packages. Thus choosing the one with the features that suit you the best is very important. Some hosts offer very few services for low-cost packages. Some offer a lot for high-end packages. It all boils down to how much money that one is ready to spend. Here is a comprehensive list of the best web hosting sites around:

Arvixe: It is a very good web hosting site as it meets the typical requirements of a customer. It provides the option for both Linux and Windows based servers. It’s spam filters are quite good. Unlimited data transfer is also available. Customer service is very good.

Host Gator Web Hosting: This is also a good web hosting site that provides quite a lot of options to its customers. Its package prices are very reasonable and a lot of discount options are available.

InMotion Web Hosting: This is another top notch web hosting service that provides quality services.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Web Host

Choosing the right kind of Web Host is extremely vital for businesses. In today’s times, a customer always judges a business by first looking at its website. A good, reliable business or company always maintains a good website to their name. Following are the important characteristics of a good web hosting company:

Good customer service and technical support

Reasonable pricing


An interface that is simple and easy to use

Having a good reputation

So you should consider the above criteria to buy a good and reliable web hosting service to avoid the hassle in your business.

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